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Lords Mobile tutorials cheat beginner stage 2018

Lords Mobile is a strategy game where players can create their own empire. At first glance this game is a bit like Clash of Clans. How to play is almost the same, you can attack other kingdoms and must form a strong defense for your work does not collapse. Although not a new game, definitely among you there is a new start this game.

Well let you not confused where to start from, Ask here have a guide to play Lords Mobile for beginners. Let's read directly guide.

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and next do it according to the game instructions that have been listed in the game. After you have done the game-related directions, do some important things below.

1. First one join an open Clan/Guild for beginners
After you finish the tutorial at the beginning of the game, it is advisable to join the guild immediately. You can directly select it yourself in the "Join Guild" menu. The choice of guild at the beginning is not so important. Go to any guild. Guild has features that can make you grow quickly, such as helping you build quickly or short research time.

     Source image : lordsmobile.igg.com

Source image : lordsmobile.igg.com
click the Join Guild.

2. Second, renew development
At the time of running the tutorial you may have built some of the requested buildings before you can build freely. If it can build, immediately build farm, lumber mill, quarry and mine repeatedly each 4 to complete the mission. After the mission is complete, make each of the 10 buildings above. If you complete both missions above, you will get 200,000 each resource and 50,000 might. With this initial capital you can open new land to build your core building.

that is, break down the initial building you completed during the game tutorial.
and next

     Source image : lordsmobile.igg.com

make each of the 4 buildings in the order of the drawings.
- Lumber Mill x4 - Quarry x4 - Mines x4 - Farm x4

after that, collapse again and rebuild as many as 10 of each building in the order of images.

- Lumber Mill x10 - Quarry x10 - Mines x10 - Farm x10

3. Optimize build time

Source image : lordsmobile.igg.com

You must have known that you can only build or upgrade buildings simultaneously. Therefore you should optimize the time to build or upgrade the building. If you're going to be offline for a long time, it's good that you build or do research that takes a long time. So you are not bored waiting when you are online later.

4. Maximize the level of your Hero 
Your Hero is the most important part of Lords Mobile and should not be ignored. Before spending your hero's skill points, pay attention to his hero tree skill so that your hero's strength can be maximized. For example 10 points that you spend in 1 ability will increase your hero status drastically rather than spend separately.

Source image : lordsmobile.igg.com

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