Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Lord Mobile Hero Stages 2018

I. Accessing Hero Stages

Tap the Monument to access Hero Stages.

When your Stamina is full, you'll see a heart floating above the Monument! Time to go on an adventure!

II. Chapters

Hero Stages come in two difficulties: Normal & Elite.

Completing a Stage on Normal difficulty unlocks its Elite variant.

III. Stages

Tap a Stage to view its details.

Stage Details can be viewed from the interface.

Complete any Stage with a 3-Star rating to unlock Sweep for that Stage.

IV. Hero Selection

You can only select up to five Heroes for each stage.

V. Battles

Each stage consists of three waves of battles.

All enemies must be defeated within 90 seconds in order to advance to the next battle.

Heroes gain MP as they fight in battle. When they have enough, you can unleash their devastating Ultimate. Let none survive!

Can't see what your Heroes are fighting? Are some trees blocking your view? Fear not! You can change the camera angle freely during Battles!

VI. Rewards

After battle, you can view a brief summary of EXP and items earned from the stage.

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